SkinnyCow "Exploding Coffee"

Fast, cost effective and high quality?

This 30 second spot had to be done fast, on a reasonable budget and maintain the highest quality all at once. Splash worked closely with Hogarth Worldwide making this concept come to life in what was less than a week turnaround for us.

Tight production schedule has to fit into one day shoot.
The shoot had no room for mistakes, nor the budget to have on-set VFX supervision.
The timeline between the editorial being completed for our work to be integrated and the entire spot color-corrected was 2 days.
All the shots had to get done and approved the first time around as the schedule did not allow for revisions.

We worked with the creative to outline the key visual factors and ran that through our technical workflows to make sure it all can get done on time and on budget.
Internal previz and assets were generated as early as possible with client feedback to set up the shot execution once the editorial was approved.
The shots were meticulously laid out and ran through our entire pipeline before we had the actual shots in-hand.
This allowed us to drop in everything as it came from editorial and run it thought the shot work in 48 hours.