Splash has built its reputation on delivering innovative solutions to complex marketing, branding, and advertising challenges. Splash is a production proven design team, which utilizes state-of-the-art creative processes and technical tools to bring advertising, media and digital projects to life. There's no creative obstacle too tough; there's no technical mountain too high. Splash has an intelligent solution for any budget requirement.

Character and creature animation remains the gold standard of high-end 3D production. That's why Splash has made it their specialty. Our team has worked on everything from photo-realistic humans and digital doubles to mythical beasts and cartoon characters. Our character pipeline has been developed from the ground up to handle any character or creature challenge, yet remains flexible enough to break out of the character mold and execute everything from vehicle animation to motion graphics and logo builds.

At our core, we are storytellers, and as such, Splash takes great pleasure in coming along side our clients early in the creative process to help find that perfect tone for the story, that rhythmic cadence, the precise color and mood, and the exact shot that will hit the right emotional note in the audience. Splash's gifted team of designers work closely with each client on original creative, boards, style frames, layout, pre-production, and we can take it all the way to final delivery to make every idea come to life in crystal clarity.

Nothing envelopes and transports the viewer more than traveling to exotic locations, epic landscapes, distant worlds, and remote times. Whether you need fully digital environments, 2d or 3d matte paintings, set extensions, or just rig and wire removal, Splash can take your production wherever you want to go.
Industry leaders and savvy audiences are constantly on the look-out for breathtaking immersive experiences like Virtual Reality, and Splash is ready to handle any VR project. Whether for VR production using our proprietary multi-camera 360 VR rig, or VR post-production utilizing our visual effects skills, we offer unparalleled quality to any VR production. We are not strictly a virtual reality company but rather combine our Virtual Reality capabilities with our narrative, creative, design and visual effects expertise, to provide an artful, flexible, and innovative powerhouse on your side.